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Cancelled Practice

All, Sorry fo rthe late notice but I am going to have to cancel practice for today, monday 4/7. I was in bed sick all day Sunday. I will see you at the match against Petaluma on Tuesday. Thanks

Tuesday Practice

Here is the practice list for this next week. On Tuesday the first practice will start at 3:00 - 4:30 and the second practice is from 4:30 - 6:00. 

First Practice: BOYS - Nick Ogden, Tony Lin, Mason Wright, Michael Rankin, Lawson Wei, Stanley Goto, David Yee, Zach Parriera, Bailey Tiu, Andrew Kinkele.
GIRLS - Emily Hulsman, Pim Parakul, Theodora Po, Taylor Doran, Selina Medrano, Katie Daniels, Maggie Pearce, Alice Chou, Michelle Ruiz, Kiana Shibata.

SECOND PRACTICE: BOYS - Grant Davis, Mihir Bhatka, Malte Friauf, Alessandro Ippoliti, Tareq Khuyam, Riccardo Piro, Jordan Lute, Brett Hecker.
GIRLS - Erandy Pacheco, Amber Ton, Alison Mason, Sarah Beck, Clara Simpson, Narjes Faraji, Qian Xia, Andrea Rossi.